Dior STELLAIRE 1 金色/蓝色 59/18/145 女式太阳镜

价格:¥1,478.18 直接去亚马逊官网购买


  • 面料类型: Metal
  • 面料成分: 金属
  • 样式: Diorstellaire1 Lks
  • 镜片材质: composite
  • 镜片材质: composite
  • 镜片高度: 54.3
  • 镜片宽度: 5.9
买家:刘天浩 2019年6月4日评价到:

买家:London Expat 2018年8月26日评价到:
   I love my sunglasses. I was worried they’d be fake because they’re cheaper here than on Dior’s website but they came with the correct case, they have CD on the lens, and come with an authenticity card. Great frame for my face shape which is a little round and overall very happy with them.

买家:Sammy Houston 2019年10月8日评价到:
   good for big face

买家:yuanyuan sun 2019年9月12日评价到:

买家:Nancy 2019年9月27日评价到:
   Not very good quality

买家:Amazon Customer 2020年8月10日评价到:
   I like it very much because very comfortable and fashionable

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